Why a Charter?  |  Who Can Apply?  |  When Can I Register?  |  How Much is TRCS?  |  How is TRCS Different?  |  Grade Levels?

Why a Charter School?

The legislature created charter schools to improve student learning, provide students and parents more choices and increase accountability. Charter schools are established for many purposes, one of which may suit the educational needs and goals of your child:

  • Improve student learning and academic acheivment
  • Increase learning opportunities for all students
  • Encourage the use of different and innocative instructional strategies
  • Require the measurement of learning outcomes
  • Create new and professional opportunities for teachers, including the opportunity to own the learning program at the school site.

Who Can Apply?

TRCS Charter School is open to all students.

When Can I Register My Child(ren)

TK and Kindergarten open enrollment begins the day school resumes from winter break through the last day of February.  If we receive more applications than our school’s capacity allows, a lottery will be held the second Wednesday in March to select students for admission and the waiting list.  Existing TK students returning for the following year will be guaranteed admission and will not be part of the random drawing.  Current siblings are exempt from the lottery and will be given priority admission.

Registration for all other grades is open throughout the year and students are either enrolled or placed on our waiting lists according to the order applications were received.

How Much does TRCS cost?

TRCS is a public charter school, tuition is free K-8.

How is TRCS Different From a ‘Regular’ Public School?

Well… a number of reasons, including:

  • Small class sizes
  • Smartboards/iPads
  • Desk/Laptop computers
  • Leveled reading
  • Students are required to wear uniforms

Does TRCS Offer Childcare?

Yes, before and after school childcare is available at a competitive rate. Call the office for more details.

What Grades Does TRCS Offer?

Twin Rivers Charter School is a Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade school.