Mrs. Murray

Welcome to our class page!  2nd grade is preparing for our field trip to Safari West.  The children will be able to put their plant, animal and habitat knowledge to the test! In Language Arts the kids will be starting Unit 5, Growing and Changing.  We will be focusing on homophones, antonyms, and synonyms.  The children will also be finishing up Module 4 in math which has focused on decomposing and composing 1’s, 10’s, and 100’s.  The 2nd graders are also looking forward to Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!  The school will be celebrating reading through a variety of activities!

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Field Trips

Our class will be visiting Safari West on March 20th.  We will depart by bus at 8:30am.  Please pack a sack lunch and send a water bottle with your child.


We will attend the Hamburger Farm at Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch in May .  We will need parent volunteers to drive.  Pretty Please!

Volunteer Opportunities

Twin Rivers thrives largely due to the participation and volunteer work of the families at our school.  Throughout the school year there will be opportunities for you to volunteer in the classroom.  I acknowledge that many of you work, so I have also provided a list of jobs that are outside of the regular school day. I will update the website adding new jobs, or striking jobs that have been taken.

Station Volunteer: I specifically need a parent/parents to come in during our language arts period from 9:30-10:00  Tues.- Fri.  This parent will be helping run a language arts station.

Art Docent: Once a month come in a teach a lesson on one famous artist.(I will provide you with a binder and materials.)

Classroom Volunteer: We am looking for a parent who can come in any morning of the week to check in homework.

Tuesday through Thursday we will need someone to check in math homework.  Friday we will need someone to check in homework packets and grade spelling tests.

Field Trip Drivers: We will be taking  field trips this school year.  We will need parent drivers to transport the students. I will let you know if we need drivers a month prior to the field trip.

Library Helper: Goes to the library with us on the 1st Monday of the month at 1:30 and helps students select books. (We will begin in September)

At Home Jobs:

Holiday Art Projects: count existing material, prep more if needed.

Book Order Specialist: Separate out new order forms; tally, call in, send off money or check orders. You may also do this online.


If you are interested in any of these jobs, please meet with either of us  after school between

3:30 – 4:00 pm so we can show you how to do it, or give you more information.




If you are unable to give time and help, we are always looking for class donations.

The following items are needed for our classroom:

*Snacks:  We are in need of more class snacks to share:)

*Hand Sanitizer:  We want to make sure we are germ free!

*Dry Erase markers

*Clorox wipes

*Gallon ziplock bags

Homework Updates