Lockdown (10/5/2017) update


Dear TRCS Families,

Yesterday afternoon TRCS issued our Lock Down protocol. At approximately 12:35 we were called by the Albert Powell Continuation School secretary that Albert Powell was on lockdown following what they believed to be “gunshots” heard in the neighborhood to the southwest of the TRCS campus.  Mrs. Jolly and myself debriefed and we implemented our Lockdown protocol, as we had not been notified by YCPD but felt the proximity to Albert Powell warranted this.  Our new Catapult system, the school wide Intercom system, and walkie talkies were used to communicate with TRCS.  Students were escorted off the playground and into classrooms and students in classrooms went into the lock down drill protocol. The entire campus was secured within a few minutes.

Mrs. Jolly and I could not be more pleased with our faculty, staff, and students response to the Lockdown. Our extensive practicing last year paid off as all classrooms were locked and students were being accounted for quickly.

We remained in lockdown until Mrs. Jolly spoke with YCPD dispatch at approximately 12:45 and the lockdown at Albert Powell had been lifted following an extensive sweep of the neighborhood and Clark Avenue vicinity.  A notice then went out to Bloomz, via our all call system, and on the TRCS PTO Facebook page.  Mrs. Jolly and I walked around to as many classrooms as we could to let the students know how well the students did following our lock down protocol.  Dr. Villalobos also addressed the middle school student body during their lunch with the same message.

It is our unfortunate reality that our students are growing up in a society where we need to share with them, especially our older students, that all lock downs lock down protocols need to be taken seriously and our students need to protect themselves, not their “things” during these events.  Update: Last night we were informed that the sound reported were illegal fireworks and the homeowner was cited. This morning we debriefed with the entire TRCS staff to ensure we had feedback from the staff about the event.

Student and staff safety remains our number one priority at TRCS and we will continue to conduct drills to ensure our students and staff are prepared and we remain vigilant in keeping TRCS safe in any event.  We have also reached out to YCPD to ensure their protocols for a lockdown include neighbor schools.  We believe additional communication from YCPD directly during the event would have benefitted our school.  Please call Mrs. Jolly or myself if you have any additional feedback about the event.  Thank you.

With Tiger Pride,

Dr. Villalobos & Mrs. Jolly

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