Family and Community Involvement

“The evidence is beyond dispute; parent involvement improves student achievement. When parents are involved, children do better in school,” according to Ruth Yoon, Director of Parent Involvement Initiatives for the Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project. Their study on parental involvement found that:

  • The family makes critical contributions to student achievement from preschool through high school

  • When parents are involved at school as well as at home, children do better and stay in school longer

  • When a critical mass of parents is involved, the whole school improves.

As a parent, or an adult who plays an important role in the life of a child, your involvement in your child’s education, at school and at home, demonstrates to your child that you value education.  Only you can provide teachers with the most reliable source of information about your child. The partnership between you and your child’s teacher is powerful.

There is a wealth of educational research to show that when parents or family members are involved at school in the education of their child, the childs success in school dramatically increases.  In addition, TRCS seeks to create a school environment that invites family participation and involvement and that works as a community united in a common purpose.  In order to create a strong school community where every child can reach his or her fullest potential, each family must be involved at the school.