Dear Middle School Athlete,

Congratulations on making the choice to participate in Middle School Athletics.  Joining and contributing to a team is an extremely rewarding experience.  Regardless of your skill level, the development of self-discipline, confidence in your abilities, habits of personal fitness, development of positive relationships,  and contributions our school’s tradition of excellence are some of the advantages of your participation.  Your involvement will only strengthen your connection to our overall school culture and lead to greater academic success.

There are important responsibilities that accompany your choice to be a student-athlete here at Twin Rivers Charter School.  There are additional academic and behavioral standards that apply to student-athletes, as well as, a variety of rules which govern your participation in our athletic programs.  You will find all of the necessary information in the Athletic Handbook.   We encourage you to become familiar with the Athletic Handbook and share it with your family.

Again, we applaud your decision to become part of the athletic tradition at Twin Rivers Charter School.  We wish you enjoyment and success in your endeavors.  If we can be of assistance, please contact us.


Chrissy Jolly/Santiago Sierra

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