Congratulations on making the choice to participate in middle school athletics. Joining and contributing to a team is an extremely rewarding experience. Regardless of your skill level, the development of self-discipline, confidence in your abilities, habits of personal fitness, development of positive relationships, and contributions to our schools tradition of excellence are some of the advantages of your participation. Your involvement will only strengthen your connection to our overall school culture and lead to greater academic success.

There are important responsibilities that accompany your choice to be a student athlete here at Twin Rivers Charter School. There are additional academic and behavioral standards that apply to student athletes, as well as, a variety of rules which govern your participation in our athletic programs. You will find all of the necessary information on this page, and agreement documents that need to be signed prior to your participation are in the Athletic Handbook hard copy provided to you by TRCS Athletics director Mr. Sierra. We encourage you and your family to become familiar with the handbook.

Again, we applaud your decision to become part of the athletic tradition at Twin Rivers Charter School. We wish you enjoyment and success in your endeavors. If we can be of assistance, please contact us.

Middle School Athletics Program Offerings

Fall Sports


Girls Volleyball

Flag Football (Co-Ed)

Winter I Sports


Girls Basketball

Boys Soccer

Winter II Sports 


Girls Soccer

Boys Basketball

Spring Sports


Track & Field (Co-Ed)

Boys Volleyball 


Prior to the start of each season orientation meetings are held for those interested in participating on a sports team. Information about tryouts and your coach’s expectations are distributed at these meetings. Please listen closely to the announcements for meeting dates and make arrangements to attend. If you have any additional questions please see the Athletic Director.


Participation on an athletic team requires:

  1. 2.0 average GPA with no more than one F: Grading period is defined as 1st progress, 1st trimester, 2nd progress, 2nd trimester, 3rd progress, and 3rd trimester. Fall sports eligibility will use 3rd trimester grades from the previous year. Students may practice at the coach’s discretion with the approval of the Athletic Director, but may not play in games or scrimmages.

  1. Be in good behavioral/attendance standing: Student-athletes must maintain a satisfactory record of school behavior and citizenship. A student-athlete who is suspended from school is suspended automatically from all activities for the duration of the suspension. If a student’s behavior and citizenship records indicate that the student is bringing discredit to himself/herself, his/her team, and/or school, the student may be suspended from any athletic activity of the school. A student-athlete must attend school for at least one-half of a school day in order to practice or play in any athletic contest on that day.

  1. Submit a signed TRCS Athletic Agreement Form: At the end of this handbook you will see a contract/permission form that must be signed verifying the rules and expectations are understood in order for the athlete to participate.

  2. Attendance during the school day is required for a student to participate in after school athletics. Students are also required to attend practices. If a student does not make practices without communicating to the coach, they may be dropped from the team roster. 


Student-athletes are responsible for any and all equipment (including uniforms and practice clothing) and will be expected to pay for any items not returned or which are returned showing excessive wear and/or abuse. Issued equipment is not to be used for any activity outside of the practices and competitions of the school sport for which the equipment was issued. 

Except for the day of a game, athletic equipment/clothing should not be worn at school (never in gym class), at home, or for participation outside of school. If any equipment is not returned at the conclusion of the season, an obligation will be issued to the student-athlete for the fair cost of a replacement. The student-athlete will not be permitted further athletic or activity participation until the obligation is cleared. 


Parents, along with the coach, should be excellent role models of all character qualities TRCS strives to teach. The following ideas are a few things you can do to help TRCS athletics continue to offer quality programs for our students.

  1. Appreciate their efforts and be the most constant and positive person in their lives.

  2. Teach your children to always feel good about themselves when giving their best.

  3. Be a great fan. Attend all games and practices. Show respect for the opponents and game officials.

  4. When communicating with coaches, see the following guidelines:

Three Step Procedures for Communicating with the Coach:

  1. If appropriate, talk with your son/daughter about your question. 

    • What is your child’s perspective? 

    • Can your child solve the problem by himself/herself?

  2. Set up a meeting with the coach if you still have questions. This meeting will remain as an informational meeting where you can ask questions, listen, and have a discussion. Remember that the coach makes decisions for the good of the team based on practice, ability, attitude, and team dynamics.

  3. If questions remain, set up a meeting with the athletic director, coach and yourself.

 Things parents are encouraged to discuss:

  1. Ways to help their child improve.

  2. Treatment of their child.

  3. Concerns about their child’s behavior.

  4. Coaches expectations for their child.

  5. Team Rules.