Playground Rules

Play Structure

Students may not run up the slides. Students may not block other students from entering/exiting. Students may only slide feet first sitting up. One student on the slides/ladders at a time. Students should not climb on outside of structure. Students may not hang upside down at any time. Students should only go one direction on the monkey bars. One student at a time on the monkey bars. Students should keep their hands to themselves at all times.

Areas Off Limits

Students should never be where a yard duty cannot see them. Students may not go behind the shed. Students are not allowed in the bike rack area. Students are not allowed behind the building structures (by the cement stage). Students are not allowed to sit behind the cement walls near the middle school doors. Students should not be in the shrubbery areas.

Track & Field

Backpacks must remain in the quad or blacktop area. No food or drink allowed on the field or track (trash). Students should not hang on the soccer goals.

Blacktop Area

No students allowed in the shed. Students may not climb on light posts. No eating on blacktop. No hanging on basketball rims.

Stair/Cement Walls

Students may not sit or hang on handrails. Students may not run on the stairs. Students may not sit or climb on cement walls.


No food or drinks (water bottles only for sporting events). No hanging on stage railing. No students in ball closets. No hitting balls against the walls. Only approved gym games. No footballs, Frisbees, kickball or soccer balls allowed in the gym. No climbing or hanging on bleacher railings. Students are not permitted under the bleachers.