Twin Rivers Charter School Uniform Policy

Please review this policy carefully. Twin Rivers Charter School believe it is the parents’ responsibility to enforce the school standards of dress. Dress code violations are preventable with the proper exercise of parental concern and authority. School uniforms must be worn daily by all students, except on free dress days. If a student comes to school not in uniform, the parent will be called to bring them the appropriate clothing.


  • Shirts may be polo style (no logos), oxford, turtleneck or Peter Pan collar

  • Colors: TK through 5th colors are solid navy blue or white; 6th-8th colors are solid navy blue, white, or red

  • Undershirts may not be visible through uniforms shirts. No layering of shirts of any kind

  • Friday Spirit Day; students may wear TRCS T-shirts (e.g., student government, music, sporting season athletics, and/or TRCS Tiger shirt sold in the front office) with blue jeans or dress code bottoms


  • Options include long khaki pants (navy blue or khaki), khaki colored jeans, capris, shorts, skorts, skirts, and jumpers. Pants and shorts can either be plain front or pleated with straight or elastic waists. Skorts, skirts, and jumpers are plain with a few pleats or elastic at the waist

  • Cargo pants/skirts/shorts/skorts and corduroy do not meet the approved guidelines, nor do items with multiple pockets, multiple (3 or more) buckles, multiple zippers, etc. Avoid items labeled “cargo” and Dickies.

  • The TRCS dress code does not include any type of plaid.

  • TRCS will allow navy blue or white leggings under skirts and dresses for our students as we understand that these are worn for modesty.

  • Shorts, skorts, skirts and jumpers MUST be longer than the fingertips, when the arm is held hanging down the side.


  • The best shoes for school are athletic shoes or sturdy leather shoes. We discourage students from wearing fancy/expensive dress shoes which are usually not sturdy enough for school wear.

  • Heels may not be higher than ½ half inch for safety reasons.

  • Due to our concrete floors and slick surfaces, during the rainy seasons we do not recommend cowboy boots.

  • No light up shoes.

  • For safety reasons, closed-toed shoes only may be worn. All shoes must have at least one strap that goes around the heel. Flip-flop sandals are not permitted.

  • P.E. DAYS: Athletic shoes are required for P.E. in 4th – 8th grades. Students have regular P.E. day schedules and should wear athletic shoes on these days. Athletic shoes are also recommended for students Tk-3rd. TK-3rd grade teachers will share P.E. days with families the first week of school for your planning purposes.

  • Socks are to be white or navy blue, please keep logos on socks to a minimum. Middle school students may also wear red socks.

  • If girls wear nylons or tights, they must be solid navy blue, white, or flesh colored. Middle school students may also wear red.


  • Colors for grades TK-5 include white, khaki, and navy blue.

  • Colors for grades 6th-8th include white, khaki, navy blue, and red.


Coats and winter jackets are not subject to the uniform policy but they must be removed when the student enters the buildings, and must be free of any depiction of violence, profanity, advertisements, vulgar terms or pictures, or negative individual and/or group.


On free dress days, students should be dressed neatly and appropriately for a school environment. Unfortunately what is appropriate is open to wide interpretation, so please follow the guidelines of this policy. Modest attire should be worn at school. From within this category the students may not wear the following:

  • Short shorts, skirts, or skorts. All must be longer than fingertips, when the arm is held hanging down the side.

  • Halter tops.

  • Tank tops which are cut low under the arms or expose the navel, shirts with spaghetti straps (thinner than 2 inches). All tops must reach the top of the pant/skirt with no skin showing.

  • Tops cut too low in the front or back.

  • T-shirts depicting violence, profanity, advertisements, vulgar terms or pictures, or negative individual and/or group activity.

  • Clothing such as over-sized pants or cutoffs with knee-length white socks, jewelry, or hair wreaths, headbands that do not sit flat against the head, or hairstyle perceived as a gang symbol or affiliation.

  • Pants with holes in them or patches on them.

  • Pajama pants, shirts, shoes

  • Exposed undergarments

  • Hats or scarves may be worn outside only

  • No athletic wear of any kind (basketball shorts, warm-up pants, yoga pants, sweatpants).

If your child wears something considered inappropriate, you will be phoned. You will need to bring your child appropriate attire. Your child will remain in class until the appropriate attire is brought to them. They will miss recess time until the items is brought. If an article of clothing is questionable, please save your child the embarrassment of being cited. Check with staff prior to allowing him/her to wear the item. Students that habitually violate the uniform policy will be subject to further discipline.

Where to purchase:

Twin Rivers Charter School is now registered with Lands’ End for uniforms. You can look at our school account by going online to and create or sign in to your account. Include your student and school information in My Account (or find our school using the Preferred School Number Search: 900181975). Start shopping with your personalized product checklist. TRCS does receive a percentage of these sales.

Often uniforms are also sold at Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Old Navy, JC Penney, and The Children’s Place. Again, please ensure all items meet our criteria.

If you have any questions, please check with the front office BEFORE you purchase uniforms. SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS JUST IN CASE THERE IS A PROBLEM.

Updated 9/20/17